Utility Pipe Fittings & Accessories UtilityPipe Fittings & Accessories / Linings & Coatings
Compact MJ Fittings Ductile Iron (C-153), MJ Accessories, Full Body MJ Fittings Ductile Iron (C-110), Compact Push-On Fittings Ductile Iron (C-153), Flange Fittings Ductile Iron (C-110), Flange Fittings Ductile Iron (C-110) Standard Coat (Black outside, Bare Inside), Fusion Bonded Epoxy Fittings (Compact MJ, Push-On Fittings & Flanged Fittings), Fabricator Products, Protecto 401™ Ceramic Epoxy Lined Fittings
Joint Restraint Products Joint Restraint Products
Stargrip Series 3000, 3000S, 3000OS, 3100P, 3100S; PVC Stargrip Series 4000, 4100P; PVC Ring Lock (PVC Grip) Series 3500; StarFlange Series 3200; PVC StarFlange Series 4200, Flange Adapters Series 200, 400; PVC Pipe Restrainers Series 1000, 1100, 1200; Retainer Glands Series 600; StarFlex Series 5000/5100
Municipal & Construction Castings Municipal & Construction Castings
Manhole Ring and Covers, Valve Boxes, Service Boxes, Roadway Boxes, Meter Boxes, Frame & Grates, Cleanouts and More