OEM Services

With over 30 years experience in Supply Chain Management, Star Pipe Products (SPP) has the expertise and extensive worlwide infrastructure to create value in a global market.


SPP can evaluate your manufacturing mix to review potential products and/or components to determine its production viability.


When necessary, SPP Engineers can create ABS prototypes of your product design. Utilizing in-house Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) rapid prototype process, we can create precision 3-dimensional prototype parts directly from 3D CAD systems. 3D CAD models may be supplied by customer or created in-house.


SPP will match the appropriate ISO 9001 approved manufacturing facility to fit your production requirements.


MATERIALS: (weighing 1.5 oz up to 7,500 lbs) Ductile Iron and Gray Iron Carbon Steel (cast or forged), Stainless Steel (various grades), Brass and Bronze, Injection Molded Plastics, Exotic Alloys and special chemistry metals

PROCESS: (molding) DISAMATIC2013, Hi Compression Cope and Drag, Resin Sand and Green Sand Molding, Manual Molding and Sweep Methods, Investment Castings, Lost Wax Molding, Water Glass Sand System, Shell Molding and more...

MACHINING/ASSEMBLY/COATING: CNC/NC/Milling/Drilling Machining, Vertical/Horizontal Lathes up to 12 ft. Diameter, Dimensional tolerance from .015” down to .0005”, Local and Factory side assembly available, Standard/Special Coatings and Linings available in Houston


SPP will also assist with any design or special packaging implementations.

Inventory/Process Management

SPP can coordinate inventory consolidation requirements to minimize transportation costs and will also control customs/processing logistics as well as monitor any compliance issues to assure a smooth, timely door-to-door transaction.

Quality Assurance

QC Engineers will oversee all quality issues and provide material verification and test bars with every batch. All products are inspected before shipping and upon arrival. And our ISO 9001 certification requires each factory to be inspected on a regular basis.

Distribution / Stocking

SPP has 13 Regional Distribution Centers that total over 1 million square feet of storage capacity across North America for stocking your products.