Zinc Arc Sprayed Fittings

Zinc Arc Fittings

Star Pipe can provide import and domestic fittings with Arc Sprayed Zinc coating. Star Pipe Arc Sprayed Zinc coated fittings in conjunction with a black asphaltic topcoat will be in compliance with ISO 8179-1: Ductile Iron Pipes, Fittings, Accessories and Their Joints – External Zinc-Based Coating – Part 1: Metallic Zinc with Finishing Layer.

Arc sprayed zinc is a process by which molten zinc is applied by way of a spray gun directly on to the fitting surface. The minimum zinc coverage in part 1 of ISO 8179 is 200 g/m2 with a local minimum of 180 g/m2. The requirements are standardized and may be found in ISO 8179-1.

*Note – Star Pipe Arc Sprayed MJ & Push-On fittings will come standard with the black asphaltic topcoat. Arc Sprayed Flange fittings will be provided as Arc Sprayed zinc without the asphaltic topcoat. If flange zinc fittings are needed with the asphaltic topcoat, please specify when ordering.


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