PVC StarGrip™ - Series 4400 Wedge Action Bell Restraint

Now Available!

Series 7200 - SuperFlange™

Designed to restrain AWWA C905 CI O.D. PVC pipe bell joints.


  • For use on ANSI/AWWA C905 CI OD PVC pipe
  • For new push-on pipe bell installations only
  • The restraint system includes a modified PVC Stargrip®, a solid harness ring, nuts, and double-ended rods.
  • The modified PVC Stargrip® has a larger bolt circle diameter to increase clearance.
  • The product uses larger diameter rods so fewer rods are needed to achieve its pressure rating. Fewer rods mean less hardware to assemble.
  • The rings, wedges, and actuating bolts are made of high strength ductile iron. The restraint rods and nuts are made of high-strength-low-alloy steel per the requirements of ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11


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